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User-friendly Content Management System

Progress Sitefinity CMS

Just a few of the features of Progress Sitefinity® CMS

Engage your customers anywhere using the only CMS that integrates seamlessly, creating winning customer experiences on any device.

Word-like HTML Editor

Sitefinity end-users utilize the familiar Microsoft Word®-like interface for formatting text, setting hyperlinks, building tables, as well as inserting images, animations and documents. It also automatically strips copy & pasted MS Word content of dangerous embedded styling, while preserving safe formatting such as bolding, italics, and headings. Conforming with best practices of content management, saving time and aggravation.

Intuitive “drag & drop” Interface

Sitefinity’s page editor makes it easy to create rich, dynamic content by interacting with user-friendly interfaces. Content is created by simply dragging & dropping widgets onto a page.

Built-in Responsive Design Engine

You don’t need a “mobile-version” of your website to be “mobile-friendly.” Define transformations that automatically optimize your website for each visitor’s unique screen using “drag & drop” layouts and responsive rule-sets.

Sitefinity Desktop Application

Sitefinity Desktop Application is a desktop client for Sitefinity. It allows you to publish Sitefinity content from your desktop, no need to use a web browser.

True Inline Editing

Content Authors and Marketers need the ability to change and edit content on the fly. With Sitefinity’s Inline Editing feature you can create and edit content right on the page.

Naturally SEO Friendly

Sitefinity creates SEO-friendly URL's for each and every page. If pages are later moved or renamed, Sitefinity configures an HTTP 301 Permanent Redirect to notify Google and other search engines.

Built-in Web Analytics

Progress Sitefinity comes with Google Analytics tightly integrated in the backend providing users with all the benefits and features of Google Analytics in the context of the CMS. The built-in Analytics Module retrieves data from Google Analytics and displays reports for all websites running in your Progress Sitefinity project.

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