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Intranet Development

A properly conceived Intranet should increase efficiency and improve internal business processes. It should also increase internal communications and facilitate new levels of collaboration among employees.

What makes a good Intranet?

A great Intranet should be an integral part of your business processes. Not just a document repository. Self-service tools such as; leave application, expenses, meeting room bookings etc. should all be integrated.

It’s just easy having all these functions in one dedicated interface.

Get your Intranet right from the start.

  • Clearly understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • Engage all stakeholders, ensuring all requirements and needs are discussed and reviewed.
  • Identify the areas and processes where the Intranet can have the biggest impact.
  • Understand the technology available to address the requirements.
  • Build a user-friendly interface on the right architecture.
  • User testing prior to launch.
  • Post launch monitoring of usage and user acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Continually review and make improvements.

How can an Intranet improve efficiency and save money?

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