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Intranet Development

A properly conceived Intranet should increase efficiency and improve internal business processes. It should also increase internal communications and facilitate new levels of collaboration among employees. A poorly conceived and executed Intranet can stifle the flow of information and discourage use.

You need to get your Intranet right from the start.

  1. Clearly understand what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Engage all stakeholders, ensuring all requirements and needs are discussed and reviewed.
  3. Identify the areas and processes where the Intranet can have the biggest impact.
  4. Understand the technology available to address the requirements.
  5. Build a user-friendly interface on the right architecture.
  6. User testing prior to launch.
  7. Post launch monitoring of usage and user acceptance testing (UAT).
  8. Continually review and make improvements.

We carefully assess all of your requirements, analyse your business processes and identify the best systems to address your needs.

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