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About CanberraNet

Our Process

Our approach is driven by a simple belief that your project must make a significant contribution to efficiency, productivity and growth of your organisation or business.


We’re here to help you imagine, discover and understand the possibilities. Our years of experience in development means we can help identify how your project can have the maximum impact, whether it’s generating more customers, improving efficiency or developing an online marketing strategy.

We look at building a long term relationship with our clients. Our goal is for you to succeed and make the most out of your achievements.


Once we’ve identified all the possibilities we work with you to create an effective ongoing strategy to guarantee your success. You wouldn’t launch an e-commerce platform without an appropriate online marketing and social media strategy.

We’re experienced in many aspects of technology and marketing, so if it’s not something we do then we know someone who does. You might need some graphic design or rebranding done whilst developing your online presence. We have the network of partners to ensure your success.


When building your project we use proven and advanced technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS3 and MSSQL. We also take the mystery out of all those acronyms, so you can ensure your project is built using the right technology that will last.

There will be ongoing consultation with you as your project is built and you will have access to review progress on our development servers. We test and make required modifications to your project as its being built. Your project will also go through a rigorous testing process, ensuring a successful launch.


Once your project is launched we don’t take your money and disappear into the night. We’re about building a long term relationship. So we monitor and track the success of your project. This allows us to advise on improvements and develop further your strategy to achieve your long term goals.

To enhance the launch of your project you might need some Google Adwords or run an EDM (email direct marketing) campaign. We’re here to help. We support what we build and want to see you succeed.

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