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Mobile traffic continues to grow

Don't just take our word for it!

According to the Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report, visits from mobile devices are up 67 percent compared to Q3 2012. As of Q3 2013 mobile traffic now accounts for 28% of total website traffic.

Mobile now 28% of all website traffic

Mobile now accounts for 28% of all website traffic.

Walker Sands is a marketing and public relations company providing data-driven marketing information.

The Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report is compiled by examining web analytics data across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients in multiple online sectors.

The study also reveals:

  • iPhone: 31.4 percent of mobile traffic
  • iPad: 15.6 percent of mobile traffic
  • Android Phones: 41.1 percent of mobile traffic
  • Android Tablets: 3.4 percent of mobile traffic

With new devices coming onto the market each year and the market shares diversifying it is critical that Web sites are optimised for mobile to avoid missing out on traffic and revenue.

The total percentage of mobile traffic continues to grow and is up 171% since Q3 2011. It is predicated mobile traffic will equal desktop traffic by the end of 2014.

Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report Q3 2013

Study: Percentage of Mobile Traffic Website Visits Up Year over Year; iPad Market Share on the Decline

Walker Sands' Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report reveals the total percentage of mobile traffic continues to grow year over year, up 171 percent since Q3 2011.

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Responsive Web Design

Companies and organisations need to implement strategies that put equal emphasis on mobile and traditional Web design. Having a desktop version and a separate mobile version of your site is no longer appropriate.

Users expect the same experience and access to the same information regardless of the browsing device. The logical long term solution is to design and maintain your Web site embracing Responsive Web Technology.

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